Sunday, July 15, 2012

diner en blanc and a salad for june

The only but hopefully not the last picnic of this summer turned out to be magnificent! Thanks to dear friends who kindly organized a table for a bigger round (which basically was the only challenging part of this dining flashmob), we could join the third Diner en Blanc in Berlin (a coverage of the previous dinner found here). The road below the renovated railroad between U Station Eberswalder Str. and Schönhauser Allee served as a perfect roofed location on a partly rainy day. The white dress code and the candle light during twilight ensured a festive look as far as the eye could see.

I brought the salad that I devour throughout the month of June: a dish to celebrate the beginning of summer and to anticipate the glorious fruits and veggies that are about to follow from then on.

Strawberry and asparagus salad with shallots and raspberry vinaigrette: works with either white or green asparagus. No herbs needed. When taking white asparagus I like to add green leaves.

The moral of the table pic: disposable dishes and Tupperware are THE mood killers at picnics. Cut flowers and candles are THE warrant for a beautiful outdoor dining experience. Find some style ideas here.