Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Salad - 2013/I

I adore crunchy salads. 
Even more so in the winter. 
Each salad should be unique, gaudy and treated with the best, most luxurious dressing. 
The best dressing consists of the best olive oil and vinegar that you get hands on. 
It is simple as that.

Today's improvised salad consisted of chicory leaves, Romaine lettuce, orange filets, shaved fresh beetroots, pears, red onions, leeks, parsley and feta crumbles and the best mustard dressing.

There are more refined versions to come. So stay tuned!



Hello again and Maltese Sunshine

And here I am again. Sometimes in life, months pass by like weeks and weeks feel like hours and in retrospect, you wonder what the heck you have been keeping so busy with
Still, during the past months I kept reading a handful of my favorite blogs every now and then: my constant role models Bridget and Cate, my most loyal and cheerful blog-friend Sybille, the incredibly genius and esthete-maniac Miss Boulette and the sensationally dazzling Scarlett. They never fail to inspire with what to do to make a grey winter day prettier. Thank you guys.

I will try to catch up soon with blogging my own city and culinary finds.
Today I drop a few lines about my January's trip to Malta. In general, I have very mixed feelings about flying but this time, it just felt like a magical escape.

On the island we marvelled at the unknown city scape and the blue sea, took some boat and bus tours and enjoyed the first outdoor lunch this year (which reminded me well of this brunch two years ago).

The streets were silent with very few people on the run. Even on a weekday afternoon almost all shops in Valetta were closed. I still don't have a clue about the elegant Maltese people and how their life could be.

Judging from the tons of wonderful mediterranean eateries and tiny bakeries it shouldn't be too bad. 

Wigi's kitchen in St. Julians was an unforgetable treat. The picture doesn't do any justice to its sensational setting, the devoted hosts, the intimate atmosphere and the most perfectly marinated seafood