Monday, August 6, 2012

the calm before and after the storm

London before and after the olympic opening ceremony felt like London during Christmas - the airport and the streets were quiet. The Hyde Park at noon was peaceful and the Tube was exceptionally empty. Every now and then you would spot a crowd of olympic games visitors, a uniformed London 2012 volunteer, some related street artists or buses of athletes. 
Much more often, you could embrace the city almost by yourself!

Ps: Christoph Niemann at Abstract Sunday Blog is covering the olympic games.

a food club for esthetes - Madklubben Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Madklubben Vesterbro is an affordable restaurant among a series of innovative eateries in Kopenhagen (Madklubben means "eating club"). It is one of those flawless eateries where you feel that the people running the business as well as the serving staff love what they do.
Seasonal menus (including Danish dark bread to die for) is served in a cool Skandivanian interior, warm lights and with on gorgeous table setting. Every detail is so pretty that you can hardly take your eyes off. 

Madklubben Vesterbro, Vesterbrogade 62, Copenhagen.
Opens every day 5:30 pm - 0:00 am.

Price for a 3 courses vegetarian menu: 150 DKK.

Make a reservation in order to sit at the table. No reservation needed to be served at the bar.
If you have Danish speaking company, let him / her translate the restaurants manifest. Just for fun ;)

sunset bbq

A fast and simple bbq at the coast in Copenhagen during the endless summer sunset was the best invite that our hosts could make for us visitors. Now I have at least the faintest idea of what this "nordic light" is all about ;)

summer fruit salad

Cherries, strawberries, blackberries, blue berries, peaches, cantaloupe melon & a ripe mango macerated in lime juice, flavored with crushed mint leaves and lime zest. That made up the prettiest, most luscious dish during the heat of July. As much as I hate hot weather, I adore summer food. I am a July kid.

The dish is inspired from here.