Monday, August 6, 2012

the calm before and after the storm

London before and after the olympic opening ceremony felt like London during Christmas - the airport and the streets were quiet. The Hyde Park at noon was peaceful and the Tube was exceptionally empty. Every now and then you would spot a crowd of olympic games visitors, a uniformed London 2012 volunteer, some related street artists or buses of athletes. 
Much more often, you could embrace the city almost by yourself!

Ps: Christoph Niemann at Abstract Sunday Blog is covering the olympic games.


  1. Su...sag bloß, du warst/bist gerade in London!
    Ich war erst einmal da (mit der Schule) und damals schwer beeindruckt.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. su...! i missed a very nice comment of yours on my blog. shame on meeee! you said you went to the modern pantry for dinner!? how cool is this? we are like siblings, chuckle. how did you like it? what did you have? where else did you go for food in london? it's amazing, best place, for great food, right? let's email or something.
    big big hug, hope all is well