Friday, April 22, 2011

Jajangmyeon @ Juki, Prenzlauer Berg

There is a new Korean BBQ bar in Lychener Straße where I tried Jajangmyeon. Jajangmyeon is what Koreans refer to as Chinese cuisine but it isn't. Let's say it's a Chinese Korean dish with a fast-food-image. Kids and adults alike love these sticky wheat noodles with salty black bean sauce but are not allowed to eat them as often as they would like to (I don't know exactly why).

The banchans were so so but the noodles were good. Like the other Korean restaurants that opened in Prenzlauer Berg during the past years I think Juki lacks a concept of interior design.

Not that this is what really counts but I prefer the authentic no-design-at-all Korean restaurant (there are plenty of this type in Frankfurt am Main btw) to an half-hearted attempt.

Juki BBQ and Soju Bar
Lychener Str. 13.
Open from 4 pm.
Closed on Mondays.

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