Saturday, May 21, 2011

Turkish Delight

Since I started reading food blogs and contemplating food (probably too much) food gifts have become high in rank in the permanent wish list. No matter if plain ingredient, store-bought food or homemade gift - I find them all adorable :).

A privilege of this time of general mobility, you can gather produce from around the globe that dear friends bring as souvenirs. As suitcase space is usually scanty these far shipped gifts are the most appreciated treasures in my pantry. At the moment it features exquisite coffee from Colombia (thanks Anne!), Gyokuro and Matcha tea from Japan (thanks Henning & Su Hyeon!), dark orange chocolate from Switzerland (thanks Anne-Loyse!) and light maple syrup from Quebec (thanks Marlen!).

This beautiful confectionary called Lokum or Turkish delight is the latest acquisition that was a gift from my friend Selin from Istanbul: hazelnuts bound by a gel of cornstarch and sugar and coated with dark chocolate. It has a chewy, marshmallowish consistency with a little to bite. A perfect accompaniment for a strong coffee. Thanks to Selin I have already tasted the plain uncoated version years ago, partly colored with mint and rosewater. With a slight preference for the plain white ones I deeply adore them all.

Now, who can get me some clotted cream for a batch of strawberry scones? Any volunteers?? ;)

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  1. Next time I'll remember what you like the most and bring along these plain white ones!