Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Abstract City by Christoph Niemann

If you have a heart for NYC and Berlin and if you want to have a refreshing view on the little everyday moments that in the end make up city life, you will enjoy Christoph Niemann's illustrations.

Formerly NY, now Berlin-based Niemann is an attentive observer with a pure approach and a big sense of humor. His techniques may be not as varied as it may appear at first glance.
Most frequently he points out the components that makes a city distinctive, deconstructs them to their very core and illustrates them by charts that are already familiar to the viewer from a different context.

Niemann's blog has changed its name from the "Abstract City" to the "Abstract Sunday" after having moved to the NYT Magazine though I think that the original one was more to the point.

His picture story I lego N.Y. is a masterpiece of non-cartoon, minimalistic illustration.

More pictures can be found in the correspondent book.


  1. Ein toller Tipp von Dir, irgendwo habe ich schon mal was über ihn gelesen. Danke, dass Du ihn mir wieder in Erinnerung gebracht hast!

  2. Su, das Kommentieren war nun etwas umständlich, soll das so sein? Könnte mir nur vorstellen, dass einige dadurch davon abgehalten werden - nur so ein Gedanke...