Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Schlesisch Blau, Kreuzberg

I finally made it to Schlesisch Blau.

With a slightly special concept and located at the vibrant night-life-traffic area at Schlesisches Tor this hobby restaurant has gained stable popularity since its opening. It is one of those odd places that I think can only exist in Berlin. When dining outside you sit directly at a bus station. When elsewhere such places would be avoided with contempt here nobody, whether the traffic nor the diner cares.

For a four course dinner you pay only 17 euros. This is possible because three (a soup, a lettuce salad and a dessert) out of four courses are prepared in advance and for the main dish you can chose only between two non-vegetarian and one vegetarian dish. I had the vegetarian Maultaschen with glazed onions and carrots. Except for the Swabian raviolis which weren't distinct in taste, I enjoyed all the food.

A friendly and amusing place to visit once and bring out-of-town-visitors with you but not so impressive as to come back in the near future ;)

Schlesisch Blau, Köpenicker Str. 1a. Everyday from 8 p.m. Closed on Sundays.

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