Thursday, June 23, 2011

froyo @ i love leo, Munich

Since Yoli opened its doors in 2009 frozen yogurt has become fairly common in Berlin. Especially in Mitte and in Prenzlauer Berg, where the young folks are anxious to go with the flow, you can get froyo in nearly every frequented street now.

A little introduction for those who don't know about frozen yogurt:
  • Its origin (whether it was in Britain in the 1970ies, in Israel or in the U.S.) couldn't be assured but for sure it wasn't until 2005, when it started to be widely distributed via Pinkberry in West Hollywood, L.A.
  • As it consists of yogurt and milk instead of heavy cream it has roughly half as much calories as does regular ice cream.
  • Because of its rather plain flavor, it is to be topped with sweets. So if the topping is e.g. chocolate and caramel, the caloric value wouldn't be so much different. Here you can get more nutritional guidelines.
  • The regular froyo-serving is double the size of a regular scoop thus be prepared to pay twice as much.
  • Conspicuously often the owners of froyo-stores come from the creative or highly academic business and have studied in California, New York or London. Thanks to the corresponding clients froyo is still considered as a yuppie-dessert on this side of the pond ;)
  • Why froyo-store-interiors have to be white and remind one of the clinical or aerospace industry isn't clear ;)

When I visited (stunningly pretty) Munich last weekend my friend brought me to a froyo-store that his flatmate recently opened: i love leo.
Located ideally between the university buildings and the English Garten, it was spacious and friendly. They serve a single flavor together with a whole lineup of good quality toppings.

The sunny and peaceful surrounding was enough reason to elevate one's mood and it was the best froyo I have tried so far. So happy lunch-break folks around - enjoy this dessert in the park!

i love leo (Maxvorstadt), corner Kaulbachstr./Veterinärstr.
every day 11 am-7 pm.

Froyo-Stores in Berlin:
  • Yoli (Mitte), Invalidenstr. 112 or Münzstr 11 c.
  • DÄRI (Prenzlauer Berg), Oderbergerstr. 6.
  • Yobarca, (Prenzlauer Berg) Schönhauser Allee 122, (Friedrichshain) Simon-Dachstr 40 or (Charlottenburg) Windscheidstr. 22.
  • YoMunchy truck, Strandbad Mitte and other places.

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  1. There is a nice one on Winsstraße, too: "Smillas"! :)

  2. Two things:

    While i love leo is undoubtedly a fantastic and much appreciated addition to Munich's culinary landscape, it is neither the first FroYo place in town, nor is it located in the Schwabing district but rather in Maxvorstadt. Munich's first frozen yoghurt place was Top It, near Viktualienmarkt.

  3. Thank you for your information Flo. It's never easy to comprehend borough borders but admittedly I haven't even checked a map:)

  4. Lea my dear, can't wait until we have summer weather again to give it a go!

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