Monday, July 11, 2011

Millefeuille @ Albrechts Patisserie, Prenzlauer Berg

In terms of refined bread, especially crispy white bread and sourdough bread, this city is a desert. Maybe somewhere within the vast city borders there is a skilled artisan baker still waiting to shoot to fame but at least in the nine years that I have kept looking for him, we haven't come across.

But in terms of pastry, even french pastry, I have all my heart desires at any time within a minute's walk - hooray! My favorite supplier is Albrechts in Rykestr. Since its pastry chef started her business there, its goodies have been reliable special treats and though being a customer for years, I still feel excitement whenever I enter this place.

The list of pastries varies a lot according to the season and the quality of the ingredients is superb. They also deliver individual wedding cakes. For any first-time guests I recommend the glorious millefeuille!

Albrechts Patisserie, Rykestr. 39. Everyday until 7 pm.

There are two other cafés in Schöneberg and Charlottenburg.


1. Beautiful Rykestreet with view of the television tower.

2. Spoilt for choice.

3. Pretty interior & exterior.

4. How to transport the beauties safely on a bike: use the bike-lock to fix the paper box. This way you don't have to crawl at a snail's pace :)

5. You see? Everything arrived safe and sound after a 1-2 km ride.

6. Hate to say this but if ever one can buy happiness, this would be pretty much it for me :)

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