Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lunch @ FACIL*, Berlin

When it comes to food Rococo is out and Purism is in. At least whenever I chat online with other foodies it seems to be consensus that the simple, regional, pure, classic dishes are the utmost appreciated ones now.

The FACIL at the Mandala Hotel Berlin is a pure and classy place with exquisite modern food.

Contrary to what is stated in some reviews, it is not a roof top restaurant (it isn't even located at the higher levels of the hotel) but thanks to the light flooded roof, high glass walls and a leafy terrace you instantly feel up in the air. There you can eavesdrop the fountains...
Which comes a little unexpected as you enter it at the noisiest spot at Potsdamer Platz (btw there aren't really noisy places in this city...).

The restaurant is not so small but not so big either that you would ever risk being neglected by the staff. And even better, the atmosphere is chic but not stiff.

We had a main course and desert together with two amouse-bouches. Creatively composed yet straight dishes made of classical German ingredients. I loved all. And the wine. And omg how I loved the table setting!

Naturally speaking you can prevent too hefty price tags during lunch :) If you come with several people it is advisable and probably polite to book ahead.

You can find an extensive review here .

An interview with the chef Michael Kempf (both text in German) here.

Photo credit: the last two pics via the Mandala website.

FACIL, Potsdamer Str. 3.

Monday til Friday from noon and from 7 pm.

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