Thursday, January 12, 2012

belated happy new year and some blog finds

With a little view from the Namsan park where you can overview the majestic scenery of Seoul I want to wish everybody a truly happy new year!

I wish to make more steps towards a joyful and healthy every-day (I still repent of having had merely extinct fish last year...) and seek inspirations in the city.

Instead of formulating boring resolutions I would like to introduce you to some blog personalities that I have been reading for years now. The most rewarding thing in blogging and blog-reading for me is that you can find the people that can inspire and motivate you from all over the world!

Just before the last year came to an end I ran my first 20 km course - at the coast of Dadaepo in Busan. It has took me quite long to become a passionate jogger (a couple of years to be honest) but I think for every person who loves watching cities and who likes to be outside it is the best sport - you always get another point of view when passing by the neighborhoods by running.

For example, by way of this you can overview the
Hudson River Park, the Gardin Luxembourg or the Englische Garden much faster when traveling ;)

This fall I would like to participate at my first half-marathon in an acceptable time. And in this regard
Cate (from Cate's World Kitchen, Bay Area) is my role model. Not only does she hold astonishing private records at different running races but she also writes a beautiful vegetarian food blog and is a fancier of korean cuisine. And contrary to some German female politicians and Prenzlauer Berg Mamas swaggering about they too, at the age of 40, have offsprings, Cate shows how to manage family, work, healthy and delectable cooking and fitness without being any pretentious.

Less organized but very hilarious is Emi Guner (from letters from the end consumer, Stockholm). Beautiful mother of three beautiful kids, I owe her my favorite quote on consuming:

"I used to think buying things made me happier, but then I noticed that it was the buying, not the owning that seemed to do it for me and how ridiculous is that? Consumerism at its most laughable state..."

Apart from that Emi likes to
cheer up her readers to run - by individual training, group challenges (would have loved to join her berlin vs. london challenge but lacked the technical equipment...) or by way of her authority ;)

Finally there is
Maria (from Scandi Foodie, Sydney) who is assiduous, highly professional and talented in presenting healthy cooking as well as an ecologically sound lifestyle.

So happy 2012!

And btw, male bloggers are welcomed to this list ;)


  1. Hey, erst Mal noch ein schönes neues Jahr!! Sehr interessante Blogs hast Du da.
    20km Hut ab, ich schaff' zehn:))

    1. Habe ich schon zu Christina von New Kitch on the Blog gesagt: wer zehn schafft, schafft auch zwanzig ;) Dir ebenso!