Thursday, January 19, 2012

Noodle Bliss

Handmade noodles are so cheap (3-6 USD) and omnipresent in Korea that sometimes it almost feels pity - would the people have to pay more for it, they would value such a handcraft more... I visited one internationally acclaimed place and two other noodle houses near my parent's flat. They all had humble settings but fantastic noodles.

Myeong Dong Gyoza opened since 1966 in the old shopping and entertaining distric of Myeongdong, Seoul. Their signature dish is Kalguksu, a mild soup with cut wheat noodles. There was a waiting line, 10 minutes during lunch time which is not really worth mentioning. Incredibly kind staff and incredibly pungent Kimchi considering the foreign visitors. I had Bibimguksu - green colored noodles, I had never seen before, mixed with crisp vegetables and a spicy sauce.

Opens everyday from 10:30 am - 9:30 pm.
Subway: Euljiro 4 Ga (Line No. 2), Myeong-dong (Line No. 4).

Bopyeong Memilguksu at the beach of Dadaepo. Sticky buckwheat noodles, Memilguksu, (paradox, isn't it?) in a sesame broth with tasty Kimchi and Kkagduki. As beverage they serve Sungnyung for free. I didn't ask but I bet that the dish was vegan.

보평 메밀 국수, Dadae Nakjo 1 Gil, opposite of Busan Bank.

Iljoeok Son Jajang, a stone's throw away from the buckwheat noodle house. This little deli is at least citywide known after a newspaper article from last October. I used to go to a famous Jajangmyeon place in Seomyeon (the central district of Busan, forgot its name...) but this one was as perfect as it was in my memories.

일조억 손짜장, Dadae 5 Jigugil.

The last two pics via the
Busan Ilbo. Finding Korean addresses got easier after the introduction of the street system but it is still tricky. See this map.


  1. Voll erwischt. Ein Leben ohne Nudeln...nicht auszudenken.

    Übrigens: Der/das neue Blog ist fertig. Wenn Du schauen magst.

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  2. myeongdong gyoza ist so klasse, nicht? ah, jetzt ein original jajangmyun mit solchen nudeln...hab's immer noch nicht drauf mit dem ziehen...mühsam

    1. Ja, die Aufmachung der grünen Nudeln und das Kimchi waren leicht irritierend aber natürlich eine gute Mahlzeit ;)

      Ich hoffe so sehr, dass Lamiacucina es nicht schneller schafft als du. Aber so oder so wirst du es schaffen! Sonst musst du beim nächsten Korea-Besuch ein Praktikum einschieben...