Saturday, February 11, 2012

pan fried dumplings with corn salad and braised pears

I love it when you crave for a dish badly and you have everything on hand (with minor deviations) to go for it right away (ok, I waited till daylight). And when the recipe works out like a charm and the result tastes as good as it looked on the picture. Who wouldn't.

These pan fried dumplings (Kaspressknödel, consisting of old bread and cheese) with plain corn salad, fried onions and braised pears made up a beautifully balanced, beautiful winter dish.

I tried it with and without sour cream and found the cream unnecessary.

Rough directions:

Soak old bread (I took toasted whole meal toast which was fine and reduced the soaking time) in some milk and 1-2 eggs. It should yield to a kneadable consistency. Add 1 grated clove of garlic and grated hard cheese to taste.
Add chopped parsley and 1 small chopped onion.
Add salt, pepper and grated nutmeg.

Mold flat dumplings out of the dough and fry them in a pan with butter.

In the meantime braise some slices of pear in lemon juice (i took some cubes of frozen lemon juice) and little agave syrup.

Fry some onion slices.

Serve all with corn salad, sour cream if wanted and additional grated cheese.


  1. Du siehst mich grinsen :)
    Den Schmand braucht's nur für so Tunkenjunkies wie mich, ich weiss das schon...

    1. War vorzüglich und ich hoffe damit mal unter den ersten Nachköchen zu sein und nicht wie sonst einer der Letzten!

      Apropos würde ich gerne das einzige aber phantastische Tunkgericht einreichen, das mir vertraut ist: moitié-motié aus dem schweizerischen Freiburg. Ist mir leider zu spät eingefallen... Also falls ich es nicht fristgemäß schaffen sollte, schau später trotzdem vorbei :)