Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tartine Country Bread and Understanding the Dough

Since my first sourdoughs i baked around twenty loaves and i think i have nailed the Tartine Country Bread recipe.

By now i can tell the recipe by heart but also, i made a lot of breads without recipe, just by experimenting on my own with the amount of water, the number of folds, the rising time, the baking temperature and so on. Though i admit to have got the best results after having followed the recipe closely.

My starter got more and more powerful and with each trial (i suggest to beginners to process half the amount as in the recipe in order to have more baking trials) I got the feeling to understand the dough better.

The bread has an addictive golden-red crust and an aromatic chewy crumb. And compared to a yeast based bread, this sourdough is best when it has sit a day after it has been baked - when it reveals all
its flavors. It should stay fresh for a couple of days (but because it is addictive, it has never lasted longer than two days in my kitchen).

At the moment my favorite spread is onion jam with thyme sprinkled on top.


  1. Da sind wir uns schon wieder einig. Ich liebe Rosmarin und so mag ich Pizza auch am liebsten. Kartoffeln, Zwiebel, Rosmarin und ein toller Teig. Vielleicht probier ich doch mal Brotbacken!?

  2. So eine Pizza hat ich noch nicht - wieso eigentlich? :)
    Ich mag eigentlich gar nicht viel Brot essen aber das Backen macht zu viel Spaß... ich schätze, dich könnte ein ähnliches Dilemma widerfahren :)

  3. hey su

    this looks DIVINE. i love sourdough breads. for me, it's something typically german. in this season, i'd just eat it with a spread made out of curd and some wild garlic (bärlauch?). or simply with butter and a sprinkle of fleur de sel. nothing better than a simple butterbrot.

    anyway, i hope you are fine? judging from your blog i'd say you're fantastic, chch.

    big hug from zurich,

  4. SCARLETT, good to hear from you!!! Planned to bake your mother's Sacher since ever and give you guys a feedback - the fact that I haven't made it still even gnaws at my conscience but will keep you posted soon :) Btw, didn't you want to post a chocolate pudding? You see, at least I am good at hunting the finest recipes!

    Just yesterday I had a first Bärlauch-Butterbrot with mild butter... Baking bread is such a satisfying amusement but I guess, I wouldn't have bothered when there were enough artisan bakeries here as in your city.

    Totally envy your London trip and wish you some blissful spring days!