Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vanities by Larry Fink @ Fahey Klein Gallery, West Hollywood, 2011

Taking a glimpse of this year's academy awards winners' list reminded me of a fine gallery for photography that i hit upon in West Hollywood around this time last year - Fahey Klein Gallery.

Vanity in the world of the rich and glamorous has been a popular theme since ever and although or maybe because it is not in any way relevant for the others, it fascinates those who stand outsinde.

Few people might have had such an intimate insight into that world as Larry Fink who shot at diverse Oscar related parties for ten years.

A collection of his works was exhibited under the title "Vanities" next to
"The Godfather Family Album" and "Taxi Driver" by Steve Shapiro.

See more breathtaking pictures of the exhibition (in high quality) here and via the gallery website.

Because of the many cinema related works in the collection of this gallery it is a good place for visitors seeking for movie air in that part of the city.

Fahey / Klein Gallery,
148 North La Brea,
opens Tuesday to Saturday,
10 am - 9 pm.