Saturday, January 8, 2011

lunchbox - not selfmade

Times Square, where my temporary work is, turned out to be a snacking heaven. A secretary told me right away about the amazing salads, burgers, noodles, soba and sandwiches that are close by. Being intimidated by the range of choices I just jumped into the very first deli. To see that they had EVERYTHING, you could think of for a quick lunch, with a buffet to begin with. As a teenager I loved buffets in Korean festival halls so it was a reminiscence to those days. I had to have this kind of lunch box several days in a row, so I didn't make it to the next deli even. It is fast food by nature but still fresh, tangy and crisp.
Ps: The sour fruit gums naturally provide for a complete week.

Ps: In terms of sustainability this meal is evil of course (the massive production of waste is an omnipresent illness here).


  1. Thank you Sasa for stopping by! Enjoy the real winter now in Austria ;)