Thursday, January 6, 2011

my new rubber boots

At an early point of time I learned that two items were essential here that virtually don't exist in Berlin: rubber boots and earmuffs. That's why I didn't possess any of them but when the snow turned into slush

rubber boots became the must-have of the moment: the only way to keep feet dry.
The purchase however wasn't easy. I dislike the shape of most rubber boots like hunter boots (either chavy or clumsy) so I opted for a Swedish brand that makes playful but still classy boots. Of course the color I wanted seemed to be sold out in the shops (in those days everyone who didn't already have some were getting rubber boots) so I hunted after them all around the city. But it was totally worth the effort and I rarely stepped out of the door without them since.

Now, whenever there is a puddle to jump in I rejoice like a kid and pity other leather-soled-pedestrians.

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