Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Day

On New Year's Day I finally made it to the hipsters' part of Brooklyn, Williamsburg. To be precise, it's one segment of the Bedford Avenue and some side roads. I had been to the avenue itself already but I had started at a "wrong" section. The street is 16 km long in total, so as a matter of fact, I didn't made it to the other right spot. Instead I ve seens so many Hasidic Jews as never before in my life.

I went to a highly praised vintage store, the beacon's closet (other stores that I wanted to see were closed on that day). At first sight I was disappointed as the stuff wasn't well-assorted and there weren't as many leather goods as I hoped. But in the chaos I detected a cute wool coat of one of my favorite Korean fashion brands. It fit perfectly, was in great condition and was only tagged with 25 $ (the shop personnel probably didn't know that it was worth ten times as much:))! I was happy as my last coat of the same producer lasted ten years.

Afterwards I spotted a shop where you can make accessories to one's liking. I was looking for some long and simple necklaces a longer time so this was the chance given. I chose a ferreous padlock and a golden leaf as pendants. I love that the leaf can be worn in multiple "positions". I also made this stud earrings in the shape of a rose. In the evening I went to a Jazz Club in the West Village (Smalls). It was pretty crammed and pretty good.

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