Sunday, December 4, 2011

fruit aroma bread

i never understand the saying that contrary to cooking, you have to be precise in baking. so you must stick to a recipe a 100% in the latter.

naturally speaking you will yield to the closest results when sticking to a recipe (and if i don't run out of some ingredients or the recipe turns out not trustworthy i always do...).

but taking 247 gr of four instead of 250 gr is as discretionary as it would be in cooking, i think.

and also i don't get why measuring by volume should be trickier than measuring by weight. american baking recipes with cup measurements are great fun to me. i always use a little glass as utensil and it never failed.

sometimes i make a dough on a gut level which is practical to use up some ingredients.

for this sweet bread i stirred up apple puree (selfmade and passed over), quince jam, mashed banana, two eggs, a hint maple syrup, little canola oil, baking powder, baking soda, pinch of salt with whole spelt flour. and out came a wonderfully moist cake bread with a complex fruit aroma.

the only disadvantage of intuitive baking - you can't make the exact same thing again although you wished :)

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