Sunday, November 6, 2011

breakfast with quince

there is excitement in the air when bringing a new produce home for the first time. a slight nervousness, too.

when the lady at saturday's market offered me, the late and last customer, this season's last batch of organic quinces for the price of 9 instead of 12.95 €, i couldn't help but take them.

no idea if that was a bargain. and frankly speaking, the fruit is not the prettiest. but these fragrant 3,65 kg something felt heavy and
precious on the way home.

what's to make out of it? bread? jam? compote? chutney?
i love quince jelly (btw Antje! still owe you a weck glass with some content in return :) ) but had never eaten the fruit before.

after preparing half the batch for a jam
there were exactly 6 quinces left for rachel's mouthwatering compote recipe. (i reduced the sugar amount in order to use the compote for savory dishes, too).

so today there will be two breakfasts: millet porridge with quince compote AND sweet yeast bread with quince jam.

one word to
millet: it's a superhealthy beauty product that cooks quickly.

bring it to a boil with milk, a pinch of salt and little agave.

as soon as it boils turn the heat off and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

eat it with fruits /a dollop of cream / cocoa / cinnamon.

or savory with nuts / red pepper / chili /...


  1. ha, da sind doch die schönen unbekannten - ist das Brot selbstgebacken? sieht toll aus!

  2. puh, hatte glück und konnte nachkaufen! umsetzung ging ja dann schnell. mal gucken, ob ich das glas schonmal präsentier oder später das ergebnis :)

    einfacher stuten halt. will mich schon ewig an nem richtigen brot ohne hefe versuchen aber fürchte, dieses jahr wird's nicht mehr.