Thursday, November 3, 2011

vegetable aroma puree

i know i know that nothing compares to a freshly made vegetable broth and no question that say for a risotto or a soup it's the way to go.

but there are situations when you only need a bit of it for a more laborious dish and can't be bothered, right?

i made good experiences with this vegetable puree that can be used like instant broth: just mix one or two tsp of puree with hot water.

the recipe (i halved the original amount suggested) is from a great new cookbook. in fact i bought this book almost entirely because of this recipe which seemed revolutionary to me (i bet, as so often this idea has been known to man since ever but just not known to me :)).

in a food processor coarsely puree:

100 g carrots
(my tip: weigh the ingredients before shredding:)

50 g celery roots

50 g celery stalks

50 g leeks

50 g root parsley
(found it in the stores only later - i used parsnip)

50 g kohlrabi
(german parsnip)

1 stalk of celery leaves

1 stalk of flat parsley

1 stalk of lovage
(couldn't find it anywhere - i used dried lovage)

50 g sea salt

fill the mixture in sterilized glasses (should make up two glasses).
because of the high salt content it lasts in the fridge for up to
one year!

next time i will preserve the other variations suggested (asian and mediterranean) as well as some pretty pickles of vegetable spaghetti.


  1. nein, du bist sicherlich nicht die einzige, die diese entdeckung bahnbrechend findet ;-) danke, wollte ich auch schon die ganze zeit ausprobieren.

  2. seitdem habe ich das natürlich überall und überall älteren datums gesichtet :)