Friday, November 4, 2011

crisp lunch @ kopps, mitte

i visited a brand new restaurant in linienstr and my dear friend selin was willing to accompany me and sit as a model :). thank you!

it is owned by
moschinski, the former chef of la mano verde, the so far only gourmet vegan restaurant in berlin.

ideally located at
koppenplatz with full view of the streets and the fancy mitte folks, the launch seems to be promising.

not that this area lacks good eateries: actually the galleries' district between torstr and auguststr as of 2011 is the food mile of the city - there are plenty of either upscale or cozy addresses with all kind of cuisines and nowhere it's easier to get quality snacks in stylish ambiance.

to start with what i disliked at kopps - the waiter was way too stiff and hectic. but maybe i was to blame, too. as i had never been to a vegan institution before, i had the preconception that those people would be per se casual, wearing dreadlocks and eco-clothes. so i addressed the waiter with "du..." / "ihr..." and he certainly was not amused and said "sie!..." well i see, it is rather a chic place.

anyway as to the food... it was superb! we ordered a beetroot ravioli with sprout salad and fig confit. it came together with solid ciabatta, dark bread and a bread spread that reminded a little of an egg salad.
everything was crisp, artistically arranged, not really filling (the serving was tiny) but with a maximum in taste and refined flavors.

and the coffee was the best i had in a long long long while. (being not a fan of these overrated coffee shops...)

don't miss this lighthearted documentary that features björn among other personalities and get inspired in terms of sustainable indulgences.

kopps bar & restaurant,
linienstr. 94, mitte.

opens every day from 8:30 am.


  1. *seufz* zu einem veganen restaurant würd ich auch gerne mal gehen, ist bestimmt eine tolle erfahrung!

  2. hihi, jetzt wo ich auf den geschmack gekommen bin, will ich nach und nach auch die anderen lokalitäten ausprobieren, insb. das il mano verde. aber du bist ja auch sehr fleißig unterwegs ;)