Saturday, December 3, 2011

takeaway salad & one olive oil address

life is too short for bleak lunch boxes.

unless you

a) don't have a canteen with a star rated chef

b) can't whip up
enviable in between meals at home or

c) don't have the time to eat anyway,

take your own salad every now and then.

it cannot be stressed enough that the dressing is the key.

take the finest oil and vinegar that you can get (and that you hardly get in the supermarkets here) and they will turn the most trivial salad components into a top notch dish.

especially when some vegetables aren't in their peak season.

in this context i must thank my dear friend LEA (advent greetings to the big apple!!) who indicated this very charming
olive oil dealer. after missing the opening hours several times i finally made it there.

(and now that i passed on an oil supplier, any suggestions where to get sherry vinegar? anybody??)

a tip beforehand:

when filling the storage container begin with the "firm" components like pulses or grains and it won't be necessary to take the dressing separately.
i make a dressing by shaking it in a twist-off glass in which it can be stored for several servings.

once you get used to this little procedure, it will be done so quickly that you can do it while brewing your morning coffee. promise.

an ordinary suggestion:

layer chickpeas (a couple teaspoons, precooked and frozen), carrots, (would have liked stalk celery, too but had none), tomatoes, shallots and herbs (chopped in with a scissor; never waste the stem parts just cut them very thinly). pour the dressing in and layer salad lettuces (don't have any preferences here as long as they are pretty) on top. shake the container before eating.

a treat like this once or twice a week and i am no longer upset about my checkless intakes of sweat white yeast breads! :)


  1. lovely image series - i like the last picture very much!

  2. thanks. i would love to have coworkers to cook together during lunch :)

  3. another seriously amazing looking dish by su! thank you thank you thank you. and you're right: the dressing really is the key to good salad - though i sometimes feel that those boring salds we get around here in switzerland (same lettuce, same tomatoes, same blah-blah) are killing my otherwise really extensive keenness on salad! it's a shame. only a sald like this one could turn things around, i know it.
    warm hugs (some more)

    1. thank you dearest scarlett! one can never have enough ideas for takeaway lunches (after all, it makes up 1/3 of the day and should not be wasted for less perfect meals ;)), so we should make up more and spread the word ;)

  4. Pour the dressing in and layer salad lettuces (don't have any preferences here as long as they are pretty) on top. shake the container before eating. Takeaway for Less