Sunday, April 22, 2012

spring herbs salad

Coming home from the last market stand and unpacking everything, I was shocked: only a cow eats so much green leaves. I couldn't possibly have bought that all, so once again, the dealers seem to have put more into the bags than told. That happens quite often: I guess they didn't want to toss the remaining goods so gave an extra portion for free. Or they were grateful to find such an undemanding buyer in me - may the leaves be as giant as palms, I take all without complaints (yet).

Washing the leaves was the only time-consuming part and I realized that I might not be mature enough to grow an own garden (contrary to my boasting with friends during Easter ;)): to find a tiny snail, a tiny worm and some insects alive and kicking in the salad spinner was quite tough for a city girl.

Out of the wild garlic I will make these pancakes. The garden cress and sorrel will be turned into these pancakes.

The smallest leaves made up a fine salad together with spinach leaves (the saved heart part of big spinach bands), arugula, radish green, spaghetti of a very sweet apple, little crumbles of goat cheese, an orange dressing (fresh orange juice, zest, fleur de sel and olive oil, no pepper) and toasted hazelnuts.


  1. Su,
    dann oute ich mich mal als Kuh....wird unter Grün gepinnt! :)

  2. Die Bärlauch-Pancakes passten wunderbar zu Kimchi, nur mal so am Rande ;)

  3. i LOVE herbs salads... so fragrant, right? i wish i could get so many nice salad herbs on a weekly basis... they're not always easy to find. it takes time to go to the markets. i'm dreaming of a life where i get to go to the market, choose my vegs, lots of time on hand for cooking, making a pretty home... anybody with me?! :)

    happy day, su!

  4. Hallo Su,

    Hier ist es immer so leer! :(