Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100 % whole spelt bagels

past monday was national holiday and very likely the last indian summer day of this year.

i made bagels (and a cream cheese spread) for this beautiful day that started with a big brunch with friends, continued with some forest walk and ended with an after-theater-pint.

that was my second batch of bagels in total and the first batch made completely out of wholemeal.

the last time i was stunned that making bagels turned out to be so easy. thus this time i forthrightly aimed to the olympus of home baking - bridget's recipes collection.

bridget is my role model in terms of
passionate baking and down-to-earth attitude towards healthy nutrition. her blog with the coolest name ever is my favorite since ever: perfectionist, professional, assiduous, yet silent, honest and never competing for attention.

admittedly most of her undertakings sound intimidatingly laborious so usually i just enjoy reading about them. but i was intrigued by the
whole wheat conversion method that she introduced in detail.

so i made the bagels with whole spelt flour (whole wheat flour tastes a tad dull i think) and i faced lots of troubles because i was too impatient to follow the exact measurements. the final dough was way to wet and i had to add endless amounts of additional flour.

the bagels were still tasty but their consistency not as smooth as made with plain flour. yet i will not give up to
reach perfection one day for that for sure will be very rewarding.

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