Monday, October 17, 2011

attila's tofu bolognese

i normally do not collect cookbooks but this autumn so many great publications flood the book market that it will seriously challenge my budget.

my latest acquisition is the "flavour thesaurus" by niki segnit - a personal encyclopedia about the pairwise combination of ingredients. it is written with much wit and profound knowledge on regional cuisines (including korean cuisine), food history as well as food culture today and it contains recipes, too. so this book replaces several :)

besides, i wanted to have a book with vegan only recipes and was pleased to find a familiar face in the bookstore shelf... two years ago, i met a guy at a party who told me about his friend running a successful cooking channel on youtube (it was late night and obviously we still must have chatted within the context of food :) ). i glimpsed over it later but as i wasn't interested into vegan diet in those days (i thought of vegans as a mystic sect...), forgot about it soon.

that internet cook has his book published: "vegan for fun".turned out to be a good one.

i liked the pictures that were taken in berlin, in shops that were familiar to me and after all, that the author was a real berliner :).

the recipes sounded delicious and feasible. though i guess they will primarily appeal to men as lots of them cover substitute dishes for meat dishes and almost every recipe requires tofu. but i consider these shortcomings forgivable.

what i appreciated most was to read about the author's food philosophy - joyful, modern and inspiring to do the little steps towards a more eco-friendly nutrition.

my first dish from the book was a tofu bolognese. being of asian origin it still
feels weird to cook with tofu for western dishes.

however the result was so delicious (think of a very mellow sugo with a sweet hint), that i am glad to have overcome my inhibitions :)


  1. hey, su

    haha, disasters, indeed. you think i should give the coconut pannacotta another try? i might. for now: i just got a few hot, sweet and perfect white chocolate cranberry cookies. those really are yum!

    btw: i just added your blog to my favorite blog roll list. i hope it generates traffic (although, probably, not so much, since i haven't got that many visitors, lol).

    hmm... gotta try this vegan pasta dish, as well. just the right thing for a my-boyfriend's-not-in-tonight night... chch.

    sending all my love to berlin, have a very happy night!

  2. ahhhh, reeeally? thaaank you! actually i am embarrassed that i still don't have a design and that i don't write regularly enough. so it's good that only friends, if at all, stop by :) btw love your new features and maybe it's good to start a blog moderately so that there is room left for pimping it up ;)

    chocolate and cranberry? yum ;) warm huggs and have a great week!

    this sauce is one of my faves now - light and fast.

    a rough recipe:

    - begin with roasting tofu flakes in a heated saucepan with olive oil
    - add onions and garlic
    - add 1 tbsp tomato puree
    - deglaze with some red wine
    - add canned tomatoes, a bit agave and oregano and let it simmer
    - finally add salt, pepper and a bunch of basi