Friday, October 7, 2011

my sweet vegan diet

this is a long time planned but very retarded post. during mid of july and august i lived five weeks nearly vegan.

the only exception being the milk in coffee grabbed outside.

normally i am almost vegetarian but i have never cared about veganism before.
now i am what alicia silverstone calls "flirting with veganism":)

although i understand those who live completely vegan for ethical reasons i would, could never do so.

the problem is not that animal products are somehow bad but that in times of mass production we have unlearned to value them enough, to spare them for special occasions rather than consuming all the time and to pay for them what they are really worth.

we should go a step back to the past, when without mass production the traditional nutrition was naturally to a big part animal free. back then it wasn't necessary to worry about one's eating habits and to make up categories like being vegetarian, vegan.

as a gal who usually doesn't hesitate to
process several pounds of dairy at once it was a very revealing experience to impose restrictions on myself:

- i nourished on more raw and fresh goods than ever. of course facing summer season was helpful in this regard.

- i tried out new veggies, pulses, grains and learned how to cook with them.

- i was surprised that altering a familiar dish into a vegan was mostly not a big deal.

- without butter i stopped with my habit of producing insane amounts of pastry week by week.

- without parmigiano i checked my pasta addiction.

- and so on and so on.

in the end i felt more alive and kicking than ever. detox (something i don't believe in and would never do) must feel like that :))

i can recommend a temporary vegan diet to anybody for the sake of broadening one's nutrition horizon and to bring some changes into one's eating habits.

now that i got lots of ideas on how to do it, i keep more parts of my daily diet vegan while enjoying it even more to have a steak of salmon, an old swiss cheese and a buttery viennoiserie for special occasions :)

here i introduce you one of my favorite lunch boxes from the diet:

crisp broccoli with smoked tofu, glazed onions, cashew nuts
and a dressing made of almond butter and orange juice.

i have tried all sorts of "european tofu" from the supermarket (i use this for western style dishes, not the "real tofu" that you get at the asian store ;). a lot of brands tasted either dull or odd so here is a picture of my preferred tofu brand.

also see my favorite soy rice drink, there were odd tasting soy milks as well. and finally, if you haven't tried almond butter yet, give it a go. it's absolutely delicious.


  1. cool, find ich gut, die vegane 'diät'. würds glatt auch mal ausprobieren, aber wenn man in der gastronomie mit tätig ist, ist das echt schwer =/

  2. kann ich gut verstehen. hat mich überrascht, als ich über björn moschinski las, dass er als veganer nirgendwo eine koch-ausbildung machen konnte. aber vegetarismus liegt ja allgemein im trend und irgendwann müsste auch in der gastronomie diese haltung akzeptiert sein.