Monday, October 17, 2011

granola bars - power food for the harsh times :)

this post is for my friend veit who lately caused some consternation among our buddies when admitting that sometimes he doesn't have the time to grab food during work.

i hope not to ever face such harsh times but if that should happen - i would stock up on these granola bars in the freezer.
good for the brain! also great when being on the road! or for any time you've jumped out of the house without breakfast :)

the steps are as easy as always: first you make a
yeast dough (i used whole wheat flower, water, little agave sirup, honey and a pinch of salt) in order to bind the other ingredients.

after one hour rising time add any healthy ingredient at will:
rolled oats or multi-grain flakes, seeds, nuts, dried fruits. form the bars and bake them.

i will distribute an exemplary soon :)

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  1. i looooove love love it. happy to read from you. lots of happy greetings from zurich, xo scarlett